Foil Roll Stock
Since 2003, Haide / Color Leader packaging has earned a reputation in the flexible packaging industry for having exceptional expertise in manufacturing high barrier film laminates in far east region. We provide high barrier flexible packaging for many of the hardest products packaging request in food packaging in retail and industrial usage.
Rollstock of film is available in a wide variety of sizes and widths. Rollstock can be slit to meet your requirements from wide (1220mm) to very narrow widths Rollstock (50mm), typically used on automatic pouch-making machines may be coated, printed, and/or perforated and slit to custom size rolls.

Custom-engineered Foil roll stock high barrier laminations
Foil is one of several materials used in flexible packaging that provides excellent barrier properties, preventing from light, canned retort and after all longer shelf life. Haide / Color Leader packaging have exceptional capabilities in manufacturing foil laminates with world top class BOBST CL850D laminator as well as COMEXI solvent based laminator.
We’re able to design custom-engineer foil packaging that meet stringent barrier requirements with a wide variety of specialized functional sealing layer material to promote the packing speed, stability and lower defect ratio. The BOBST flexo coating system has the capability to coat the adhesive on foil surface other than plastic film side, this will greatly improve the foil lamination smoothness and coverage area rate to improve better performance on both physical and visual.
Haide / Color Leader Packaging Clear High barrier roll film is suitable for below industries,
Oxygen barrier request food, Canned food, coffee, baby food, freeze dried food, pet treats, liquids, military food, sensitive detergents and daily chemical, medicine and pharmacy packaging, industrial packaging.
Rollstock custom laminations can be tailored to meet any application or sterilization cycle. Both small and larger runs can be accommodated.
To meet your specific requirements, we offer a variety of paper, foil and film laminate structures in rollstock form that:
●Rotogravure printing up to 10 colors (including Matte)
●perfect for form-fill-seal applications
●perfect for lidding applications
●Laser cut in line or dot
●Easy tearing stick pack functional lamination
●Anti-static function

Different names and types:
Roll stock / Custom Printed foil Roll stock / Foil lids /Foil laminated lidding film

Multi-layer Structure:
3 layers:
(matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, AL and LLDPE/CPP
4 layers:
(matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink, AL, PA and LLDPE/CPP
5 layers:
(matte ink) PET / matte BOPP, ink,PA, AL, PA and LLDPE/CPP
Kraft paper
4 layers:  (matte ink) PET / PA / BOPP, ink, Kraft paper, AL and LLDPEHigh Barrier Film suppliers

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